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EXP FISHING Established in 2015, is a professional handmade fishing lures manufacturer, distributor & wholesaler company based in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia.

In EXPERT TRADING, all of our fishing lures are originally handmade with innovative technology and passion. We have more than 80+ models of handmade lures for you to choose from. In addition, we offer the widest range of soft frog models in the market. We have nearly 300 authorized dealers worldwide.

It has always been our main objective to produce high quality handmade lures to promote the advantages and usage of the handmade lures. Each or our products took 36 hours to produce. Our aim is to make fishing enthusiasts who use live bait switch to handmade lures. With 7 years of research and development of handmade lure & other fishing tackle specifically for snakeheads hunters, we have become No. 1 expert for snakehead hunters.

To make all the anglers become the expert of their own hobby and explore the possibility of fishing to promote the joy of fishing. We do that by creating the most innovative and effective fishing tackle and by building up a community to connect all the anglers in order for them to explore the unseen and enjoy their hobby to the max.